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The Solar Guys Procedures

  1. Site Evaluation: We perform a comprehensive evaluation of your site to determine the optimal placement of your PV system.
  2. Energy Analysis: An analysis of the previous 12 months of your electricity costs helps us properly size a solar energy system according to your needs. You can send us your energy usage information.
  3. Incentive Analysis: The Solar Guys will identify what federal, state and utility incentives are available for you, maximizing your cost savings.
  4. Preliminary Rendering: The Solar Guys will deliver a preliminary rendering of how the array fits your property and budget so you can make an informed choice.
  5. Our Certified Professional Installers work with licensed electricians and Professional Engineers to finalize the layout and design that will optimize your energy system. We will help you maximize available incentives, permits and inspections, including assisting you with any necessary paperwork required. We will make sure your system complies with all local, state and federal codes and regulations such as permitting, zoning and land use.
  6. Once your system is installed, we will deliver all product service warranties and provide our own 1-year workmanship warranty, so you can be assured you have a clean energy partner for years to come.