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Off-grid Solar Kit ? 3kVA ? Solar Backup Power Kit ? 3kW

solar panels thesolarguys.co.za

DIY Kit Equipment:
Our 3kW Off Grid kit consists of:
1 x 3kVA Solar Hybrid Inverter
2 x 305W JA Solar Solar Modules
2 x 100Ah 12V AGM Sealed Solar Batteries
50m x 4.0mm Solar Cable
2m x 25mm battery cable & lugs
KETO Battery disconnector wit 160A fuses
KDC Switcher/Disconnector for the panels
MC4 Connector kit
Mounting Clamps and channel (2 x 2m)

Peak Power Output:

Usable Battery Energy:
~1 Unit (kWhr)

Average Daily Solar Production:
~3 Units (kWhr)